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Products and services

The company Minel service Thermal Constructions Ltd. Belgrade provides numerous services in the field of thermotechnics, thermal energy, process industry, design, welding, bending of steel and copper pipes and square tubes.
Some of the services we provide are:
Overhauls of boilers from 1MW to 100MW
Production of boilers from 1MW to 10MW
Production of horizontal and vertical boilers and tanks from 1m³ to 15m³
Production and repair of water and steam collectors and distributors
Production and repair of copper and steel heat exchangers
Production of feed tanks and condensate tanks
Production of hot-water underground and above-ground pre-insulated lines
Reconstruction and connection of pipelines with larger diameters Ø ≥ 500mm
Reconstruction of entire thermotechnical and thermoenergetic facilities
Servicing and maintenance of thermal power plants and boiler rooms
Design of thermal energy facilities
Delivery and installation of thermal energy equipment
Servicing of mechanical equipment (pumps, fittings, burners ...)
Bending of steel and copper pipes with a diameter of Ø18 to Ø101.6
Production of boiler membrane panels for hot water and steam boilers on a flow welding machine
Bending of boiler membrane panels (two-pipe, three-pipe and four-pipe panels)

About us

Since its establishment, Minel service Thermal Constructions Ltd. promotes the highest level of expertise, knowledge and practice in order to achieve the highest standards in ensuring the quality of our products and services. By monitoring the requirements and needs of users and with constant improvement, we strive to justify the trust of our partners, which is also the greatest confirmation of our good work.


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